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Author: D. Sanderson


C. Compton et al., “Superconducting Quarter-Wave Resonator Cavity and Cryomodule Development for a Heavy Ion Re-accelerator”, in Proc. 24th Linear Accelerator Conf. (LINAC'08), Victoria, Canada, Sep.-Oct. 2008, paper THP033, pp. 854-856.
E. Pozdeyev et al., “Progress Report on the Small Isochronous Ring Project at NSCL”, in Proc. 20th Particle Accelerator Conf. (PAC'03), Portland, OR, USA, May 2003, paper TOAA012, pp. 138-140.
O. K. Kester et al., “The MSU/NSCL Re-Accelerator ReA3”, in Proc. 14th Int. Conf. RF Superconductivity (SRF'09), Berlin, Germany, Sep. 2009, paper MOOCAU05, pp. 57-61.

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