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Author: L. H. Morrison


C. Yao, J. Carvelli, K. C. Harkay, D. Hui, L. H. Morrison, and J. S. Wang, “Longitudinal Impedance Modeling of APS Particle Accumulator Ring with CST”, in Proc. North American Particle Accelerator Conf. (NAPAC'19), Lansing, MI, USA, Sep. 2019, pp. 140-143.
J. R. Calvey et al., “Measurements of Ion Instability and Emittance Growth for the APS-Upgrade”, in Proc. 9th Int. Beam Instrumentation Conf. (IBIC'20), Santos, Brazil, Sep. 2020, pp. 258-262.
K. C. Harkay et al., “High-Charge Injector for on-Axis Injection Into A High-Performance Storage Ring Light Source”, in Proc. 10th Int. Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC'19), Melbourne, Australia, May 2019, pp. 3423-3426.

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