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Author: T. A. Forest


S. Setiniyaz, T. A. Forest, K. Chouffani, Y. Kim, and A. Freyberger, “Transverse Beam Emittance Measurements of a 16 MeV Linac at the Idaho Accelerator Center”, in Proc. 3rd Int. Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC'12), New Orleans, LA, USA, May 2012, paper MOPPR087, pp. 990-992.
A. H. Adeyemi et al., “PEPPo: Using a Polarized Electron Beam to Produce Polarized Positrons”, in Proc. 6th Int. Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC'15), Richmond, VA, USA, May 2015, pp. 1878-1880.

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