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Author: S. Russenschuck


S. Russenschuck et al., “Characterization of a Measurement System for Dynamic Effects in Large-aperture SC Quadrupole Magnets”, in Proc. 3rd Int. Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC'12), New Orleans, LA, USA, May 2012, paper THPPD030, pp. 3569-3571.
S. Russenschuck et al., “Electrical Quality Assurance of the Superconducting Circuits during LHC Machine Assembly”, in Proc. 11th European Particle Accelerator Conf. (EPAC'08), Genoa, Italy, Jun. 2008, paper WEPD016, pp. 2440-2442.
S. Russenschuck, “Establishing a Consistent Basis for Beam Physics, Accelerator Magnet Design, and Magnetic Measurements”, in Proc. 12th Int. Computational Accelerator Physics Conf. (ICAP'15), Shanghai, China, Oct. 2015, pp. 136-141.
S. Russenschuck, “ROXIE - A Computer Code for the Integrated Design of Accelerator Magnets”, in Proc. 6th European Particle Accelerator Conf. (EPAC'98), Stockholm, Sweden, Jun. 1998, paper TUP11H, pp. 2017-2019.
S. Russenschuck, G. Caiafa, L. Fiscarelli, M. Liebsch, C. Petrone, and P. Rogacki, “Challenges in Extracting Pseudo-Multipoles From Magnetic Measurements”, in Proc. 13th International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference (ICAP'18), Key West, Florida, USA, Oct. 2018, pp. 87-92.
V. Korchevnyuk, M. Seidel, R. Riccioli, and S. Russenschuck, “Field shaping techniques in a spectrometer magnet in the presence of ferromagnetic shielding”, presented at the 15th Int. Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC'24), Nashville, TN, USA, May 2024, paper THPR68, this conference.
Y. Papaphilippou et al., “Conceptual Design of the CLIC damping rings”, in Proc. 3rd Int. Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC'12), New Orleans, LA, USA, May 2012, paper TUPPC086, pp. 1368-1370.

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