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Author: J. R. Cary


J. B. Leddy, J. R. Cary, D. M. Cheatham, and D. N. Smithe, “Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Plasma Production in C100 SRF Cavity for in Situ Cleaning”, presented at the North American Particle Accelerator Conf. (NAPAC'19), Lansing, MI, USA, Sep. 2019, paper THAHC6, unpublished.
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J. R. Cary, “High-Performance Self-Consistent Electromagnetic Modeling of Beams”, in Proc. 9th Int. Computational Accelerator Physics Conf. (ICAP'06), Chamonix, Switzerland, Oct. 2006, paper MOAPMP02, pp. 74-74.

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