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Author: V. M. Petrov


V. Volkov et al., “Thermionic Cathode-Grid Assembly Simulations for RF Guns”, in Proc. 23rd Particle Accelerator Conf. (PAC'09), Vancouver, Canada, May 2009, paper MO6RFP087, pp. 572-574.
V. Volkov et al., “Thermionic RF Gun Simulations for L-band FEL Injectors”, in Proc. 31st Int. Free Electron Laser Conf. (FEL'09), Liverpool, UK, Aug. 2009, paper TUPC81, pp. 428-430.
V. Volkov et al., “Thermo-Cathode RF Gun for BINP Race-Track Microtron-Recuperator”, in Proc. 11th European Particle Accelerator Conf. (EPAC'08), Genoa, Italy, Jun. 2008, paper WEPC094, pp. 2213-2215.

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