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Author: D. Schlueter


A. Madur, S. Marks, S. Prestemon, and D. Schlueter, “Experimental Characterization of Permanent Magnet Harmonic Corrector Rings”, in Proc. 11th European Particle Accelerator Conf. (EPAC'08), Genoa, Italy, Jun. 2008, paper WEPC155, pp. 2371-2373.
A. Madur et al., “Troubleshooting Status for the ALS In-Vacuum Insertion Device”, in Proc. 23rd Particle Accelerator Conf. (PAC'09), Vancouver, Canada, May 2009, paper MO6PFP087, pp. 333-335.
A. J. DeMello et al., “Engineering Optimization of The Support Structure and Drive System for the LCLS-II Soft X-Ray Undulator Segments”, in Proc. 8th Int. Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC'17), Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2017, pp. 1602-1604.

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