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Author: Yu. I. Levashov


V. Kaplounenko, A. W. Weidemann, Z. R. Wolf, and Yu. I. Levashov, “Magnetic Measurements, Tuning and Fiducialization of LCLS Undulators at SLAC”, in Proc. 29th Int. Free Electron Laser Conf. (FEL'07), Novosibirsk, Russia, Aug. 2007, paper WEBAU05, pp. 314-317.
N. A. Vinokurov et al., “The Project of High Power Free Electron Laser Using Racetrack Microtron Recuperator”, in Proc. 4th European Particle Accelerator Conf. (EPAC'94), London, UK, Jun.-Jul. 1994, pp. 858-861.
M. A. Montironi et al., “Implementation of the Motion Control System for LCLS-II Undulators”, in Proc. 17th Int. Conf. on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems (ICALEPCS'19), New York, NY, USA, Oct. 2019, pp. 916.

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