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Author: O. Yair


R. Shane, S. M. Lidia, Z. Liu, S. Nash, A. C. C. Villari, and O. Yair, “Bunch Shape Measurements at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory ReAccelerator (ReA3)”, in Proc. 5th Int. Beam Instrumentation Conf. (IBIC'16), Barcelona, Spain, Sep. 2016, pp. 771-773.
O. Yair, J. L. Crisp, G. Kiupel, S. M. Lidia, and R. C. Webber, “FRIB Beam Position Monitor Pick-Up Design”, in Proc. 3rd Int. Beam Instrumentation Conf. (IBIC'14), Monterey, CA, USA, Sep. 2014, paper TUPF16, pp. 355-360.
M. Leitner et al., “The FRIB Project at MSU”, in Proc. 16th Int. Conf. RF Superconductivity (SRF'13), Paris, France, Sep. 2013, paper MOIOA01, pp. 01-10.
M. J. Johnson et al., “Integration Between the FRIB Linac Mechanical CAD Model Geometry and the Accelerator Physics Lattice Database”, in Proc. North American Particle Accelerator Conf. (NAPAC'13), Pasadena, CA, USA, Sep.-Oct. 2013, paper TUPSM20, pp. 679-681.

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