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Author: M. Bossi


M. Veronese et al., “The New Diagnostic Suite for the Echo Enabled Harmonic Generation Experiment at FERMI”, in Proc. 7th Int. Beam Instrumentation Conf. (IBIC'18), Shanghai, China, Sep. 2018, pp. 501-504.
M. Veronese et al., “New Combined Function Wire Scanner-Screen Station for the High Resolution Transverse Profile Measurements at FERMI”, in Proc. 8th Int. Beam Instrumentation Conf. (IBIC'19), Malmö, Sweden, Sep. 2019, pp. 322-325.
E. Allaria et al., “First Lasing of a Free Electron Laser in the Soft X-Ray Spectral Range with Echo Enabled Harmonic Generation”, in Proc. 39th Int. Free Electron Laser Conf. (FEL'19), Hamburg, Germany, Aug. 2019, pp. 7-10.
C. Spezzani et al., “Echo-enabled harmonic generation at FERMI FEL-1: commissioning and initial user experience”, presented at the 15th Int. Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC'24), Nashville, TN, USA, May 2024, paper WEAD3, this conference.

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