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Author: Z. X. Li


F. F. Ni, Z. X. Li, R. X. Tian, Y. Wei, and J. X. Wu, “FPGA-Based Digital IQ Demodulator Used in the Beam Position Monitors for HIAF BRing”, in Proc. HB'23 (HB), Geneva, Switzerland, Oct. 2023, paper THAFP11, pp. 429-432.
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Y. Zhang, X. J. Hu, H. Jia, Z. X. Li, S. H. Liu, and H. M. Xie, “Signal Estimation and Analyzing of Cold Button BPMs for a Low-Beta Helium/Proton Superconducting Linac”, in Proc. 15th International Conference on Heavy Ion Accelerator Technology (HIAT'22), Darmstadt, Germany, Jun.-Jul. 2022, pp. 150-155.

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