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Author: H. Liesem


H. Liesem and U. Bertsche, “Irradiation Experiments of Diploid Yeast with Heavy Particles”, in Proc. 7th Int. Cyclotron Conf. (Cyclotrons'75), Zurich, Switzerland, Aug. 1975, paper F-07, pp. 436-439.
R. W. M??ller et al., “Heavy-Ion RFQ Accelerator MAXILAC Achieves 45 keV / AMU”, in Proc. 1986 Linear Accelerator Conf. (LINAC'86), Stanford, CA, USA, Jun. 1986, paper WE3-31, pp. 328-329.
H. Liesem, “Resonance Free or Precessional Extraction - A Comparison”, in Proc. 5th Int. Cyclotron Conf. (Cyclotrons'69), Oxford, UK, Sep. 1969, paper CYC69C08, pp. XX-XX.

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