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Author: L. L. Wilson


E. P. Barrowclough, C. S. Feigerle, C. F. Luck, M. A. Plum, R. W. Shaw, and L. L. Wilson, “Analysis of Primary Stripper Foils at SNS by an Electron Beam Foil Test Stand”, in Proc. 6th Int. Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC'15), Richmond, VA, USA, May 2015, pp. 1230-1233.
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R. W. Shaw, D. P. Bontrager, C. S. Feigerle, C. F. Luck, M. A. Plum, and L. L. Wilson, “An Electron Beam SNS Foil Test Stand”, in Proc. 23rd Particle Accelerator Conf. (PAC'09), Vancouver, Canada, May 2009, paper TU6RFP042, pp. 1638-1640.

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