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Author: V. L. Serov


S. K. Esin, L. V. Kravchuk, A. I. Kvasha, and V. L. Serov, “Moscow Meson Factory DTL RF System Upgrade”, in Proc. 16th Particle Accelerator Conf. (PAC'95), Dallas, TX, USA, May 1995, paper RPR25, pp. 1175-1177.
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A. I. Kvasha and V. L. Serov, “DEVELOPMENT of the INR DTL RF SYSTEM CROWBAR OPERATION”, in Proc. 21st Russian Particle Accelerator Conf. (RuPAC'08), Zvenigorod, Russia, Sep.-Oct. 2008, paper WEAPH04, pp. XX-XX.
A. N. Drugakov et al., “Irradiation Test of Vacuum Chamber for LANSCE Isotope Production Facility”, in Proc. 21st Linear Accelerator Conf. (LINAC'02), Gyeongju, Korea, Aug. 2002, paper TH472, pp. 764-766.

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