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Author: H. Long


M. Luong, B. Bonin, H. Long, and H. Safa, “Role of Adsorbates on Current Fluctuations in DC Field Emission”, in Proc. 7th Int. Conf. RF Superconductivity (SRF'95), Gif-sur-Yvette, France, Oct. 1995, paper SRF95C27, pp. 509-511.
T. Garvey, M. Omeich, M. Jablonka, J. M. Joly, and H. Long, “Simulations and Measurements of the TTF Phase-1 Injector Gun”, in Proc. 16th Particle Accelerator Conf. (PAC'95), Dallas, TX, USA, May 1995, paper WPA14, pp. 935-937.

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