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Author: C. T. M. Chang


C. T. M. Chang, “Dielectric-Lined Circular Deflectors for Ultrahigh-Energy Beam Separators”, in Proc. 5th Particle Accelerator Conf. (PAC'73), San Francisco, CA, USA, Mar. 1973, pp. 133-136.
C. T. M. Chang, J. W. Dawson, and R. L. Kustom, “A Dielectric Loaded Slow Wave Structure for Seapration of Relativistic Particles”, in Proc. 3rd Particle Accelerator Conf. (PAC'69), Washington D.C., USA, Mar. 1969, pp. 526-531.
C. T. M. Chang, J. W. Dawson, R. E. Fuja, R. L. Kustom, R. M. Lill, and J. J. Peerson, “Long Pulse Synchronous Traveling Wave Separator”, in Proc. 4th Particle Accelerator Conf. (PAC'71), Chicago, IL, USA, Mar. 1971, pp. 764-769.

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