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[n]	H. Ao et al., “Fabrication Status of ACS Accelerating Modules of J-PARC Linac”, in Proc. PAC'07, Albuquerque, NM, USA, Jun. 2007, paper TUPAN056, pp. 1514-1516. 

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Paper Title: Fabrication Status of ACS Accelerating Modules of J-PARC Linac
Paper URL: https://jacow.org/p07/papers/TUPAN056.pdf
Conference: 22nd Particle Accelerator Conf. (PAC'07)
Paper ID: TUPAN056
Location in proceedings: 1514-1516
Original Author String: H. Ao, JAEA/LINAC, Ibaraki-ken; K. Hasegawa, JAEA, Ibaraki-ken; K. Hirano, JAEA/LINAC, Ibaraki-ken; M. Ikegami, KEK, Ibaraki; T. Morishita, JAEA/LINAC, Ibaraki-ken; V. V. Paramonov, RAS/INR, Moscow; A. Ueno, JAEA/LINAC, Ibaraki-ken; Y. Yamazaki, KEK/JAEA, Ibaraki-Ken

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