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[n]	J. Dumas et al., “SARAF Commissioning: Injector, MEBT and Chopper”, in Proc. LINAC'22, Liverpool, UK, Aug.-Sep. 2022, pp. 872-877. doi:10.18429/JACoW-LINAC2022-FR1AA04

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Paper Title: SARAF Commissioning: Injector, MEBT and Chopper
Conference: 31st Linear Accelerator Conf. (LINAC'22)
Paper ID: FR1AA04
Location in proceedings: 872-877
Original Author String: J. Dumas,A. Chanc?®,D. Chirpaz,S. Cohen,D. Darde,G. Desmarchelier,R. D. Duperrier,G. Ferrand,A. Gaget,I. G. Gertz,F. Gohier,N. Goldberger,F. Gougnaud,H. Isakov,T. J. Joannem,B. Kaizer,A. Kreisel,J. Luner,I. Mardor,V. Nadot,H. Paami,A. Perry,N. Pichoff,I. Polikarpov,E. Reinfeld,J. Rodnitsky,F. Sen?®e,I. Shmuely,A. Shor,C. Simon,N. Solenne,Y. Solomon,N. Tamim,D. U. Uriot,R. Weiss-Babai,L. Weissman,T. Zchut,L. Zhao

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